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Unleash accuracy and style with our personalized custom arrows, designed for your ultimate hunting experience.

Testimonials from Trusted Customers

As a small business, we love supporting others when we can. We had a need for additional gas cans, and found Badass Outdoor Gear in our search. We placed our order and from start to finish, our experience was phenomenal! 10/10 highly recommend, will definitely be doing business with them again. And how cute is this personal touch note and gifts?! Thank y'all!

Nikki Krum

10/10 Highly Recommended!

My favorite store in Utah! Got me a new string for my bow, put it on and tuned it super quick! Very detailed oriented, took there time to do it right, answered any questions that I had. Been a long time since I've had a bow technician that I can trust and rely on when I need something done. Super happy I found this place plus they have the best gear selection in the state 10/10 recommend. Thanks again guys!

Tanner Edmonds

Favorite Store in Utah!

BadAss outdoor gear is hands down the best outdoor shop hands down there is no one that comes close there’s only one problem and it’s not their fault it’s Mathews fault for not having them sale bows for them. If they had a big range I would hang out there all the time LoL the staff is kind and helpful and most importantly they know there gear and they price match if you have not tried them yet your missing out great shop!!!!!

Scott Sorensen

The Best Outdoor Shop!

I have been going into Badass for just about a yr and have bought alot of there products! There staff from top to bottom are top notch. Polite, friendly, knowledgeable, and trustworthy. Only place I like to by anything archery not to mention anything else outdoor related! Highly recommend! Thanks for everything! You guys are Badass for sure!

Eric Harman

Top to Bottom, Top Notch!

Awesome experience. Staff was so helpful (Kelle and Amelia). Ended up buying three bikes. One of them ended up not being a good fit for my son so I called Kelly and explained the situation. Without hesitation, she said "bring it back and we'll figure it out." Did just that and found another bike to fit our needs.

Brad Beadles

Awesome Customer Experience!