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Testimonials from Trusted Customers

Great place for everything archery! They have a good selection of equipment and if they don't have what you want, they can get it. They stand by everything they do and will go the extra mile to take care of customers. Whether you are new to archery or a seasoned pro, they are a great local resource. One of the things that's nice about them is they don't push you into something you don't need or want. They aren't trying to make a quick buck off you. They want long-term customers that will keep coming back to them because the customer trusts they will treat them fairly and be there for them when they need help. Everyone working there is friendly and helpful. Jason and Lucas are awesome and will take care of you!

M.C. Rivetti

Great Place for Everything Archery!

Hands down the best shop around!!! I live 35 minutes away and make the drive anytime I need anything. They have an amazing selection and the customer service is unmatched!!!

Cody Carter

The Customer Service is Unmatched!!!

Went in to get some help on tuning my bow. I did everything I could do at home without a bow press. Went in and explained what was going on and the bow tech (didn’t catch his name) said we would get it figured out. After a couple of adjustment and shimming my cams it was right on the money. If you’re in the area it is a great bow shop with great staff!

Cody Hales

It is a Great Bow Shop with Great Staff!

Great experience, great people. Wasn’t treated any differently than my husband was which is a first in my archery experience. Definitely recommend.

Meg V

Definitely Recommended!

Awesome!!! The knowledge and help I received was outstanding :-) I have been hunting for 30 years with a compound bow and now my wife and I are starting to Trad shoot. I had no idea what I was getting myself into and these guys help me sort out this whole new world of archery.

Billy Haynes