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Hunters Alert: 11 Epic Surprises at the 2024 Western Hunting Expo

2024 Western Hunting and Conservation Expo

Are you ready for an adventure of a lifetime? Mark your calendars for February 15th to 18th, 2024, because the Western Hunting & Conservation Expo is coming to Salt Lake City, Utah, and it's shaping up to be a showstopper!

Picture this: the Salt Palace Convention Center bustling with the latest in hunting gear, seminars buzzing with insider tips, and a community of hunters just as passionate as you are.

This isn't just any expo, it's the highlight of the year for hunting enthusiasts. And guess what?

We've got the inside track on the 11 events you absolutely can't miss. From exclusive auctions to game-changing seminars, Badass Outdoor Gear is here to guide you through the best of the best.

So, let's dive in and get you prepped for an unforgettable experience at the 2024 Western Hunting Expo!

1. 200 Permits (Thursday to Sunday)

Get ready for a golden opportunity at the Expo - the 200 Permits event running from Thursday to Sunday.

This isn't just any permit draw; it's your chance to secure some of the most coveted big game hunting permits in Utah. Imagine the thrill of potentially bagging a trophy elk or a majestic mule deer. This is your chance to turn those hunting dreams into reality.

Whether you're a seasoned hunter or new to the game, this event is your gateway to some of the most exhilarating hunts Utah has to offer. So, make sure to throw your hat in the ring - who knows, you might just be one of the lucky ones!

2. Seminars (Thursday to Sunday)

Now, let's talk about the brain food at the Expo – the seminars. From Thursday to Sunday, you've got the chance to soak up knowledge from some of the best minds in hunting.

These seminars cover everything from advanced hunting techniques to wildlife management and conservation strategies. Think of it as a masterclass in hunting, where you can learn new tricks, refine your skills, and get up to speed on the latest in sustainable hunting practices.

Whether you're looking to brush up on your elk calling or want to dive deep into wildlife ecology, these seminars are a treasure trove of information.

It's not just learning; it's about connecting with fellow hunters and experts, sharing experiences, and coming away with insights that could transform your next hunting adventure. Don't miss out on these – they're a game-changer!

3. Super Banquet & Fundraiser (Thursday Evening)

Thursday night is going to be a blast with the Super Banquet & Fundraiser.

Imagine this: a room filled with fellow hunting enthusiasts, all jazzed up and mingling. But wait, there's more – Utah’s Own Jägertown will be there, bringing down the house with their incredible tunes. It's not just about the fun though; this event is a key fundraiser, supporting conservation efforts and the hunting community.

You'll be making memories, enjoying fantastic music, and contributing to a great cause. This is more than just a banquet; it's a celebration of our shared passion for the outdoors.

Make sure to bring your dancing shoes and your generous spirit!

4. Expo Day Auction (Friday Noon to Afternoon) 

Ready for some excitement on Friday?

The Expo Day Auction is where the action is at! From high-end hunting gear to unique outdoor experiences, this auction has it all. It's your chance to snag some amazing deals and rare finds.

Whether you're in the market for a new rifle scope, a guided hunting trip, or some custom gear, this is where you'll find it. Plus, the thrill of the auction is an experience in itself – the buzz of the crowd, the anticipation as you bid, and the exhilaration of winning!

Be sure to swing by; you never know what treasures you'll come across.

5. State Champion Duck and Goose Calling Contest (Friday and Saturday)

And for something a bit different, check out the State Champion Duck and Goose Calling Contest on Friday and Saturday.

Whether you're a caller yourself or just there to watch, it's a spectacle you won't want to miss. The skill and precision of the competitors are truly something to behold. The calls echo through the air, almost like the real thing – it's an art form in its own right.

If you're into waterfowl hunting, this could be a great opportunity to pick up some new calling techniques. Or, just come and enjoy the show – it's a unique part of the hunting culture that's both entertaining and impressive.

6. Conservation Night Auction, Banquet and Keynote Speakers (Friday Evening)

Friday evening is going to be an insightful and inspiring one with the Conservation Night Auction and Banquet.

This event is a highlight for those of us who are passionate about preserving our hunting heritage and the great outdoors. The keynote speakers, Steve Rinella and Kevin Holland, are set to share their experiences and insights, promising to be both enlightening and motivating.

Rinella's expertise in hunting and conservation, combined with Holland's unique experiences, make this a not-to-be-missed opportunity for learning and inspiration.

Plus, the auction is a chance to contribute to conservation efforts. This evening is not just about dining; it's about being part of a larger movement to safeguard our natural world.

7. Sheep Camp Meeting (Saturday Morning)

Saturday morning's Sheep Camp Meeting is a must for anyone interested in sheep hunting.

This gathering is a great chance to dive deep into the world of sheep hunting, discussing strategies, conservation efforts, and sharing personal experiences. It's a rare opportunity to meet other hunters who share your specific interest, exchange stories, and maybe even pick up some new tips and tactics.

Whether you're a seasoned sheep hunter or just curious about this challenging pursuit, this meeting is an invaluable chance to connect with like-minded individuals and broaden your hunting horizons.

8. Ladies Luncheon (Saturday Midday)

And let's not forget about the Ladies Luncheon on Saturday midday.

This event is a fantastic platform for female hunters to come together, network, and discuss their unique experiences in the world of hunting.

It's a space where women can share stories, challenges, and triumphs, and perhaps find mentorship or camaraderie. Whether you're a veteran huntress or new to the sport, this luncheon is an empowering event that celebrates and supports the growing presence of women in the hunting community.

It's a chance to connect, learn, and be inspired by fellow female hunters.

9. Elk Calling Contest (Saturday Afternoon)

For those of you who love the challenge of elk calling, the Elk Calling Contest on Saturday afternoon is where you'll want to be.

It's not just a contest; it's a celebration of one of the most important skills in elk hunting. Whether you're competing or just watching, you'll be amazed by the talent on display.

The calls resonate, mimicking the wild calls of elk in nature – it's an art that requires skill, practice, and a deep understanding of these magnificent animals.

This contest is a great opportunity to learn from the best, pick up new techniques, or simply enjoy the skillful renditions of experienced elk callers.

10. Grand Finale Auction, Banquet and Entertainment (Saturday Evening)

Saturday evening brings the Expo to a grand crescendo with the Grand Finale Auction, Banquet, and Entertainment.

This is the big one – a night of celebration, bidding, and fantastic music, featuring the talented Niko Moon. It's the perfect way to wrap up an eventful few days, with a mix of excitement and relaxation.

The auction offers one last chance to snag some great items, and the banquet provides a wonderful setting to reminisce about the expo's best moments with new friends and old.

This evening is about good food, great music, and a community of hunters sharing their passion. Don't miss this final hurrah – it's the essence of the entire expo experience.

11. Sportsman’s Chapel & Miles Moretti Celebration of Life (Sunday Morning)

Sunday morning starts with a moment of reflection and remembrance at the Sportsman’s Chapel & Miles Moretti Celebration of Life.

This event is a poignant reminder of the deeper connections and values that bind the hunting community together.

It's a time to pause, reflect on our experiences, and honor the memory of fellow outdoorsmen and women who have made a lasting impact. This gathering offers a space for contemplation and celebration of life, setting a respectful and introspective tone for the last day of the expo.

It's a beautiful way to conclude your expo journey, surrounded by a community that shares a deep love for the great outdoors.

See you there!

We're closing in on the 2024 Western Hunting & Conservation Expo, and it's shaping up to be a hunter's dream come true.

Imagine a place where you can get your hands on exclusive hunting permits, learn from the best in the field through amazing seminars, and witness some of the coolest contests like elk and duck calling.

This expo is not just an event; it's a celebration of everything we love about hunting and the great outdoors.

Now, let us give you a hot tip: make sure you hit up the Badass Outdoor Gear booth. We are rolling out a great surprises for all! It's the perfect spot to score some great deals and have a blast with fellow hunting enthusiasts.

So gear up, get excited, and we'll see you at the expo. It's going to be an unforgettable few days of pure hunting passion.

And remember, don't skip the Badass Outdoor Gear booth – it's the cherry on top of your expo experience!