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Badass Outdoor Gear Arrow Hoodie
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Badass Outdoor Gear Black & Red Hoodie
  • $49.99
  • $29.99


Badass Outdoor Gear Elk Hoodie
  • $39.99
  • From $24.99
Badass Outdoor Gear Hoodie
  • $39.99
Badass Outdoor Gear Ladies B Tee
  • $19.99
Badass Outdoor Gear Ladies Broadhead Tee
  • $19.99
Badass Outdoor Gear Ladies distressed logo
  • $19.99

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Badass Outdoor Gear Ladies Flag Tee XL
  • $14.99
Badass Outdoor Gear Ladies Save the Rack Tee
  • $22.99
Badass Outdoor Gear Ladies Tank top
  • $19.99
Badass Outdoor Gear Onesie
  • $24.95
Badass Outdoor Gear Sport Tek Arrow Hoodie
  • $46.99
Badass Outdoor Gear Women's 3/4 Sleeve
  • $24.99
Badass Outdoor Gear Women's Blue Baseball Tee
  • From $19.99
Badass Outdoor Gear Women's Burnout Tank
  • $19.99
Badass Outdoor Gear Women's V-Neck logo T-shirt
  • From $19.99

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Badass Outdoor Gear Youth Girls Buck Fever T-Shirt
  • $16.99
Badass Outdoor Gear's NEW Ladies Red Hoodie
  • $39.99

Hunting Gear for Women

Ladies are you tired of wearing mens camo where the crotch hangs down to your knees and the waist is nearly at your boobs? Or maybe your trying to fit into the youth clothing that does not fit right either. At Bad Ass Outdoor Gear you will find performance hunting apparel designed to specifically fit the ladies. We sell high quality, great fitting, comfortable apparel so you can enjoy your hunting experience.

We test the gear to ensure the comfortable fit before we will sell it to you. The ladies cut of merino wool base layers offer the benefits of scent control, thermal regulation and moisture wicking to help you stay undetected in the field. We offer a variety of options including warm and cold weather gear, waterproof and windproof clothing that is impeccably quiet and of course comfortable.

We have the best ladies hunting clothing from the top rated brands such as First Lite, Rivers West, Prois, Stormkloth and more! In addition to the clothing we also carry the women’s packs designed to fit the smaller frame of the female body. You can now enjoy carrying a hydration compatible pack during your hike or hunt from Badlands, Eberlestock, Easton and others. The hiking boots from Salomon are an awesome addition for the ladies along with the bright trail running shoes. So get dressed to kill with the newest technical hunting clothing and accessories and show the guys how to get it done!