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Tested, Proven & Trusted Gear

All of us at Badass Outdoor Gear are committed to providing only the very best performing gear backed by exceptional customer service to ensure you are prepared for your next hunting or outdoor adventure. We personally put to the test and prove every product as “Badass” before we will sell it so you can fully trust the gear we sell.

If we won't use it, we don't sell it!

As avid hunters ourselves we know the importance of having comfortable, reliable gear that will withstand the most extreme outdoor elements. We continuously test the newest, lightest, best performing, high tech gear made for the outdoors by reputable companies. We can help you decide which gear will best fit your individual needs. Quality gear does cost more but it lasts much longer, performs exceptionally well and is much more reliable.

How Badass began...

Badass was conceived by Kelle Adams and Russ Kocherhans in Salt Lake City, Utah. The idea struck us after years of shopping in sporting goods stores and watching customers struggle to get helpful information from the employees about hunting packs. Russ would jump in and explain the packs and suggest which pack would best meet their needs. We would tease Russ and ask if he thought he worked there. Then Kelle found herself helping the ladies finding the right fit in camo and other gear. The light bulb went off…if we enjoy helping others find the right hunting gear then why don’t we start doing something we enjoy! And Badass was born.

We are passionate about the outdoors and enjoy making memories while hunting with family and friends. Surrounded by beautiful massive mountains in Salt Lake where we can take our yellow labs out hunting birds or go hiking and find wildlife within a few miles our office, we know we are lucky and try not to take it for granted.

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